Colour has always played a big part in my life and art career -  loving the way it can transform how we experience and live in any space.


With my paintings, I aim to create atmosphere rather than realism, revealing the seen and the ‘unseen. Through my Cityscapes, I explore that man and nature are not separate, we share the same light, we share the same colours.

I have always been fascinated by water’s ability to take many forms, the way it follows a path of least resistance. My paintings often explore water’s transience, whether it be as a formed yet formless cloud or a flow.

"With high standards of production, Lyra creates her ‘scapes’ by taking inspiration from seeing the extra-ordinary in the seemingly everyday or ordinary and from being free enough in spirit to allow each work to build through a cycle of evolution. She creates abstract but instinctively balanced compositions, sensitive to the gradations of tone using unique techniques she has developed through the open and experimental approach to her practice".