Promoting a passion for crafting through classes and kits from makers who teach.



We grew up making things to amuse and entertain ourselves.

Our mothers and grandmothers taught us to sew, knit, crochet and make our own clothes.

The rest of the discoveries were our own. We taught ourselves all sorts of crafts and this inquisitiveness and passion for making has been with us ever since – we just love making and sharing our enthusiasm.

This love of making has led us to teaching what we know – whether it’s through workshops or through our craft kits. We want to pass on the skills that we were inspired to learn.

Little Tins of Loveliness was born from our desire to pass on the crafts and making traditions to another generation

All our classes are designed to be fun, informative in a friendly and relaxed environment.

For you to get the most from our classes, we have a maximum of 4 people per tutor.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality teaching, equipment and materials, not to mention a regular supply of tea, coffee and ‘nibbles’!