See large scale, vibrant images that explore the relationship between digital and physical art forms, and the process of painting and art making by resident Alice Adams.

Alice AdamsThrough her own colourful visual language, Alice investigates how growing up in ‘generation internet’ has had a huge impact on the process of visually creating imagery, whether digital or physical. Pixels, GIFs and social media trends are as much a part of her painting process as brushes and canvas.  Within ‘Data Crayon’ viewers can explore a perpetual stream of visual connections, making up a network of digital paintings each connected to its predecessor. These digital forms have influenced a series of large physical paintings that are able to fit together.
Alice comments: “I love colour. The energy and vibrancy of the colours in my painting reflects the digital world my generation has grown up to embrace. Anything could end up in my paintings! I have developed a kind of visual language that allows me to play with imagery gathered from various sources I come across in everyday life, from junk mail or Facebook screenshots to hand painted vintage wallpapers.
I have a passion for craft and design and growing up with strong willed, creative women in my family my work maintains a strong sense of my heritage growing up in Derbyshire, despite its heavy influence from modern digital and popular culture.”
To find out more about Alice and her practice visit   
You can meet Alice at her meet the artist event on Saturday, 8 July from 2pm-6pm - no booking required
The exhibition runs from 26 June - 14 July and is open weekdays 10am-3pm.