Nine Ways are developing a new device to enable electronic devices to network at higher speeds. 

University of Derby Computer Programming Graduate Paul Bates is the Managing Director of Nine Ways. The company specialise in the research and development of innovative micro electronics products and systems. They work with other international research companies as well as the University of Derby who have provided project management and funding application support for the growing business.

They are currently developing a new product to enable electronic devices to network at higher speeds - whether on a factory floor, on board a train or within motor vehicle systems.

Paul Bates, Managing Director of Nine Ways says:

“Being located here at the iD Centre has played a key part in the growth and success of Nine Ways. We have been able to access support on a variety of levels from key funding to business planning.

We were allocated a business advisor through the Lets do business project and worked closely with them to develop our business systems and processes. This will ensure we have everything in place to support and facilitate the growth of the business moving forward.

The funding we have secured has allowed us to recruit new members of the team, enabling us to develop new products whilst continuing important research and development.

The project we are currently working on has potential uses in a wide range of industries but particularly the planes, trains and automobile sectors. Being surrounded by other innovative technological companies has been invaluable, allowing us to share the challenges we face as growing businesses.”

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